Last Thursday I had a great conversation with Agi Haines, Speculative designer and winner of 2015 BAD Award (Bio- Art- en Design Award), at Mediamatic, center  for Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. Mediamatic explores the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society.

We exchanged ideas about our works and I really liked to talk with her as a like-minded person. I had already seen her interesting work at the exhibition ‘Playing Life’ at the Dutch Design Week, where she displayed  her designed ‘circumventive organs’. The ability to replicate and print cells in complex structures could mean different cells with various functions could be put together in new ways to create new organs we would take millions of years to evolve naturally. Another intriguing project is ‘Transfigurations’ with it`s fascinating transformed babies. ‘Transfigurations’ depicts designs for potential body enhancements that have been surgically implemented to benefit the child. Each modification is put in place to solve a potential future problem for the baby, ranging from medical to environmental to social mobility issues. Agi has won a BAD award with her project ‘Drones with desires’ about a machine with inbuilt human memories. A drone controlled by your/her own brain.

Author Nicole Spit. –

Agi is also artist in residence at the Waag Society and gives also masterclasses ‘prototyping bodies’ at Mediamatic.

Meet up with designer Agi Haines. Nicole Spit from Design Studio Daarheen Castricum
Meet up with designer Agi Haines


Meeting with Agi Haines