Waag Society is the first cultural institute wich obtained a S-I permit to give a GMO workshop. I was one of the 18 participants. During the workshop we will transform regular gut bacteria by introducing a gene from the bioluminescent jellyfish Aequorea victoria.

The pGLO plasmid is constructed with the jellyfish gene that encodes green fluorescent protein (GFP), an antibiotic-resistance gene that encodes β-lactamase protein, and the araC gene encoding a regulator protein that turns the GFP gene on and off. Bacteria transformed with pGLO plasmid are selected by ampicillin resistance; when induced to express GFP, the bugs glow fluorescent green under UV light.

The workshop takes place under strict procedures and follows the safety protocol.

Author- Nicole Spit

Studio Daarheen bezoekt GMO workshop bij de Waag SocietyStudio Daarheen GMO workshop at the Waag Society

GMO workshop at the Waag Society
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